Week 6: Action: GREEN WEEK


    Students take action and bring change at school, home, community, government.



    Can you imagine how many people will take part in our GREEN WEEK ? students, teachers and families from our 6 partner schools will get involved in a very special week: GREEN WEEK. We will share our actions , we will learn and we will spread the message again.

    Monday " WE ARE GREEN"  everyone of us and our students should wear something" Green" or all dressed in green, as a symbol of sustainability, and the start of Green Week.

    - Tuesday " WE ARE LIGHT" : choose 10 minutes during the day and turn off all( or most of them) the lights and switches of the school.

    - Wednesday " WE ARE HEALTHY" , bring something healthy at school, for example a piece of fresh fruit ( proximity fruit or vegetables, eaten or not eaten at school)

    - Thursday " WE ARE NOT PLASTIC" , report about how many plastic objects we have at school that could be changed by other sustainable ones ( interactive image, photos...)

    - Friday " WE ARE LIFE" : Planting seeds, aromatic plants, a tree, flowers in the garden..




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    Jane Goodall's testimony at Climate Action Day ...

    Once GREEN WEEK is over, it is time to evaluate it .

    Students and teachers will give their opinions in order to improve our future GREEN WEEKs in our schools.

    THE RESULTS OF THE SURVEY, made by students and teachers:

    8. Our most relevant comments and suggestions:

    • Green Week was a good idea to reduce, why don't we co the GREEN MONTH?
    • Make green decorations and put them in the classroom
    • I like it a lot becasue we realized what we need to do.
    • We need more weeks like this
    • Next Green Week: Let's plant a vegetable or fruit each class and build up a mini vegetable garden at school
    • why don't we organize more weeks but with different topics?
    • It's good but too short, next year, 2 weeks!
    • Increase laboratories activities
    • Very good idea, students were really motivated!
    • Great idea, great motivation and participation. Let's celebrate it every year!
    • A good week and amazing challenges!
    • Don't plug things at the same time :-(
    • The best week ever on the school :-)
    • Stay all the day with the lights off
    • I like it becasue we did things for the wolrd
    • let's plant a tree in the town
    • At school teachers have to observe if there are some changes after this week.
    • Why don't we do the same but with other colours?
    • We should implement GReen Week every year at school
    • The day we go to school on food, we go to the forest to breath green energy from the plants, or learn to relax in the forest, explain tales from the planet( animals, plants) or another single actions that we decided alltogether
    • the Green Week song:  crear una petita melodia, tonada de cançó que es pot dir al començar o acabar les activitats, no cal que sigui tota una cançó, o potser una petita coreo...