1. Sustainable hunters - game created by the Bulgarian team especially for the virtual mobility. We played the game in 2 international groups in Microsft teams.The main creators of the game are Rositsa Mincheva- the technical realisation and Natasha Dzhurkova- the script and the presentations of the sustainable cities examples.



    2. Bulgarian Experts Boryana Boneva and Milen Traikov from VETROKOM ALPIQ presented in a fun way how the wind generators work.

    Click on the image to see the presentation prepared by Velizar Kitov and 3a class.


    3. Workshop by the Spanish school- creating a wind turbine

    Bulgarian students  were very exited!


    4. Workshop by the Finish school



    5. Team work in pairs :

    Team 1 - Spain and Romania

    We met online and shared our ideas about the green areas and the lanes a sustainable city should have.

    We divided the 3 classrooms per country in 15 different mini teams, then each team was working on a different topic for the city.We shared our work on a CANVA collaborative document.

    Our collaborative work was very fruitful as we shared our ideas and used them to make the models of the city. for example, our Romanian partners suggested to buid bridges for the animals to cross the lanes in order to keep save and not disturbed by the traffic of the city.


    Team 2- Bulgaria and France

    The Bulgarian and Frenh students and teachers met in Microsoft Teams and together made a research to find out what should be the sustainable buildings in one sustainable city.

    We made an experiment presented by the French team to find out which materials are better to be used for isolation  to build the sustainable houses.

    Then the French team presented an workshop and we created together online an cardboard house with isolation.



    Team 3: Italy and Finland