Teacher's evaluation

  • June 2021

    Coordinators' point of view

    Watch the video to know the partner coordinators opinion:

    Fina Josefina Vendrell Vila- coordinator for the  Spanish school and coordinator of the entire project

    Natasha Dzhurkova- coordinator for the Bulgarian school

    Silvia de Vita- coordinator for the Italian school

    Cecile Thomas- coordinator for the French school

    Raija Kärkkäinen - coordinator for the Finnish school

    Bianca Ene- coordinator for the Romanian school

    Part 1:

    1. What did your students learned with the project?

    2. What did you personally learned?

    Part 2:

    3. What are the difficulties you faced?

    4. What are the beneffits of the project?

    Other participant teachers point of view:


    Teachers' point of view from Sant Josep school, Navàs, Catalonia

    Ester Pérez, Science and tutor teacher and coordinator's helper :-)

    Núria Terré, music and tutor teacher and participant of this project.

    Eli Lopez, Physical Education teacher and participant of this project.


    Oulu University Teacher Training School, Finland:

    The point of view of Director of the Oulu University Teacher Training School; MEd Dr. Kari Kumpulainen: 

    SDGsAction! project Kari Kumpulainen.pdf


    Headmaster, MEd Dr.Hannu Juuso: 

    Teachers Mari Sääskilahti and Mirva Mykkälä:

    Teacher Vuokko Kangas:








    Coordinator' survey

    Here are the results:

    Participant teachers survey



    End of school year 2019-2020

    After one year working on SDGs Action! it is time to evaluate the progress of the project, find out the most relevant and strong issues on one hand, and find the weak ones on the ohter hand, in torder to improve the project.

    This is the survey

    Here are the results: