Scene writing: Our characters

  • Our National Characters

    Şaban the Geek

    Turkish Character

    Hacıvat and Karagöz

    Turkish Character

    Cingöz Recai

    Turkish Character


    Turkish Character

    Cosette by Valentin, Grégory

    French character. Click on the titles!

    The Little Fifer by Margot, Sarah

    French Character. Click on the titles!

    Geronte, a Molière character by Yanis, Ilker et Loan

    French character, click on the titles!

    Italian characters: "Odysseus and Polyphemus"

    The PPT has been realized through the cooperative learning: each slide has been done by a group of students; then 3 of them collected the slides in a ppt.

    Cedric, a comics character

    by FR

    Argan, a Moliere character

    by FR


    Spanish character
    by Rocio Hurtado


    Spanish character
    by Javier Egea


    Spanish character
    by Paloma


    A Finnish charachter from Moomins

    Little My

    A Finnish charachter from Moomins

    Tatu and Patu

    Two boys from Finnish litterature


    A Finnish "Troll"


    A Finnish charachter from the Finnish national epic Kalevala


    Few charachters from Finnish Mooomins

    Harry Potter UK

    Harry Potter is a fictional character from the famous UK book series written by JK Rowling

  • Please, present the characters you chose to represent your national literature and write the plays