4th Students Exchange: Italy

  • Be an Artist!

    Due to covid 19 pandemics, we have had to plan an online mobility and change our plans. Before this meeting, students  have started working online on our common twinspace by doing research on european main artists and fiction characters (music, litterature,painting, dance, cinema), to feed our online magazine,and sharing about their talents. They  have created collaborative texts and works of art they sent to each other to create a collaborative canva. (See page 9. Be an Artist!)

    During the meeting they have  attended videoconferences in order to:

    -learn about their host partners' culture by visiting and exploring the country "virtually". The Italian students prepared videos to show about their school and region. The partners displayed their own videos about their country and school.

    -prepare the Celebration of World Art Day. They  played Kahoots and performed their Talents.

    -play their scenes live or by showing videos of them playing.

    The school community, other local partners were invited to visit the school that day to see the work done.

    They have been evaluated at the end of the activity and we compared the progress to assess the impact of the activities.