3rd Students Exchange : Spain

  • Be a Volunteer! 

    Before this meeting, students will have started working online on our common twinspace by doing research on local and European associations or NGOs, chosen how to help these associations, shared with their partners their actions and volunteering campaigns. During the meeting they will thus:

    -give a more concrete turn to their research about their partners by writing and illustrating together theThird Golden Books including local documents brought by partners.

    -learn about their host partners' volunteering actions and visiting the associations the host have worked with . Chosing and bringing back local items to illustrate their presentation once home.

    -prepare the Celebration of Volunteer Day. They will realize posters to display during the dedicated day, presentations to make, games (Kahoots, Plickers) to play in the host school classes, using all the knowledge they will have gathered previously.

    The school community, other local partners will be invited to visit the school that day to see the work done.

    - A workshop managed by the President of the host country association will be offered to them to go further and allow students to prepare an interview to see what the motivations of the association are, its history, its activities, and how a simple citizen can one day choose to take so much reponsibility.

    -First Aid training will be given by the French Team as 2 teachers are First Aid Trainers.

    -realize a common presentation about everyday activities to upload on twinspace and other websites in order to disseminate.

    -They will be evaluated at the end of the activity and we will compare the progress to assess the impact of the activities.