Be a volunteer!


    For this activity, the evaluation was more in terms of quality of actions to carry.

    During a preparation meeting ( the students mobility in France) we listed the type of volunteering activities we lead in our schools, if any.

     It appeared that all the schools had at least one volunteering activity. (see subpage Be a Volunteer) So the challenge was to either to expand them to more students, make students responsible of the organization or add at least one different activity. 

     All the schools took the challenge, and worked with different local partners. The results is we involved more students than usual in the organization of the events.

     Here are some figures:

    - in France,4 groups  of our 6th grade students, our 8th grade students and ALL our SEN students were involved in organizing volunteering events. Usually, only one 6th grade group and some SEN students are involved. 

    - in Italy, our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students, including some SEN, have been involved in volunteering activities. More students than the past years and this time they wanted to be active part in organizing activities, while in the past years we had quite to force them.

    -in Turkey, we applied a pre-survey about volunteering that we paired with our ecofriendly actions. The rate was 49.30%. Then in the end we applied the post survey whose rate was 63.52%. We managed to raise awareness up to 16.22%.

    - In Spain, our students’ awareness on volunteering have increased in the last years since we started this project. When we organized the trash challenge with our Erasmus partners and all participated, they could realize how much rubbish people leave, and after that, some group of students have organized new trash challenges on their own. Apart from that, the last volunteering activity has been the creation of Christmas cards to be given to the old people in our town to spread good wishes and love to the most vulnerable people in Covid times. All our students from 12 to 18 years have participated in this activity.

    -in Finland some 7th grades wrote little factbooks for 1st graders and visited the local primary school and read those books. The school took apart to charity happening. Our Erasmus students organized a cafeteria where they sold home made pastries for the whole school. We donated the money to Nenäpäivä organisation (one of the national charity companies). 

    Here the results of pre test and post tests


    çevre_bilinci_anketi (1).docx



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