School Activities/ Our videos

  • What have our students done that week? 

    The first days were dedicated to  visiting the finnish school, classes and presenting their own schools and region. They had the opportunity to attend an unusual class Home Economics and cook a Finnish specialty: the Karelian pie.

     The next days, our students showed what they have done in their schools on our esafety subject.

    They also  worked on cyberbullying cases during a workshop managed by a Save the Children specialist:

    Be safe on the web workshop 12 Mar 2019.pdf

    Their mission was to find solutions to the cases in mixed teams and to explain their choices to their schoolmates, using all the knowledge they gathered on the subject previously during school activities. 

    They also attended a musical on Cyberbullying, visited other schools and Cultural Heritage places. 

    At the end of the week they worked on Positive Thinking and wrote the Stairs of Strength messages which were displayed all around the school.

    Here are a couple of videos to share:

    Our common movie 

    Italy: Our beautiful experience in Finland!

     Finland by the British!