Extra School Activities

  • UK Music Festival - Bidstock

    The UK team are holding their very own Music Festival to celebrate World Music Day 2019. The event will be on 21st June, 2019 and is called Bidfest. The festival is named after their local area Bidston.


    Our school works with a local association Asociacion Familiar Insomnia Fatal. We created a muscial "Romeo and Juliet" after Shakespeare's play in order to raise funds and give to the association and help research:. Our Beatriz Tercero Herrero PE teacher was in charge with the project:



    Artist de mira hamrit



    1. Turkish students pretented to seem like famous artists and figures in paintings.



    2.In order to improve students' artistic skills, we organized an art contest about happiness at school. We exhibited all the works.

    3. We made a cultural trip to Istanbul to develop students cultural and art awareness. We visited modern art museum, Miniaturk, Koç museum, National Royal Art Museum and so on. 



    4. Our students opened their personal exhibitions to show their artistic skills. 15 students joined this event so far. We will continue this event next year too.


    5. Turkish students made presentations about national artists to their classmates. Then they tried to draw their famous art pieces with the help of art teachers. 


    This year our Institute has decided to create an installation to be placed inside a bookshop, twinned with our school, called "Vicolo stretto" .

    It has been planned to build a "bookcrossing box" that will later positioned in the area where our school is and our students live.

    The idea was born from the desire to create a small open and shared reading space.

    We want to share the philosophy of "bookcrossing" and follow the three basic principles: passion for reading, willingness to share culture, freedom of initiative. 

    ITALY: INCLUSION PROJECT "CODING: let's play to program!"

    Our 6th grade students have joined this Project, provided on Code.org,  based on coding and on the computational thinking. It consists in three different phases; the first has been the unplugged coding activity, where the students have realized some symbols of our partners Countries.





    Finnish students will write and compose a song together with the music teacher. It will be recorded in a music studio in December.