• Here are the actions we launched to make our project known to the school community, district:

    We created a Facebook page: 


    And a website in French for school community:

    We created a magazine at the end of project to share with everyone:

    Magazine créé avec Madmagz.


    Staff members and local representants were introduced to the project details at the  opening ceremony organized on November 20th, during the First Staff Meeting: 

    Local newspapers talked about the event :

    The project was also introduced at the regional level during a meeting of International Relationship Coordinators:

    Articles were published on our official educational websites and Facebook Pages:


    Our students made a clip:


    A local radio made an interview about us:

    podcast radiooxygene.mp3

    Our trip to Finland was also in the papers:


    Our Mobility in France :

    Our project was also presented during the french National Etwinning Conference as an example of synergy betwinning eTwinning and Erasmus+:

    Our mobility to Spain at the local and regional level:

    Our online mobility to Italy was advertized too:

    We also participated to a national EU funded contest called Prix Hippocrène, which awards schools developing their european projects. Our project was selected on the regional level to attend the finals: