Scene writing:Work Process

  • Here is the Lesson Plan for this activity:

    Material -Common Google Drafts
    Work Process

    -Have your students think about famous fictional literay characters , present them to the partners by adding them to the page " Our characters" (you can make videos, posters, infographics...)

    -After talking with students, place  one literary genre  in the chart (see page Scene Making) and choose one couple of characters among those in the page Our characters. Let's proceed until all characters are placed.

    -Then students from each school choose a couple of characters and genre to the scenes using  google drafts .(see page Scene Making). Characters from one's country are forbidden!

    -Organize videoconferences to check work progress

    -Upload your finished scenes

    -Organize the ebook

    Number of lessons -Free
    Outcome -Writing scenes using national literary characters to be played during the mobility in Sicily

    -A better knowledge of the partners' countries and culture



    -Writing skills and improvement of ESL skills


    -ICT tools: creating an ebook