• How many students benefited from First Aid Training and what was the evolution compared with previous years?



    Thanks to the project we have been able to train more students as more teacher trainers were involved in the project. We used to be 2 trainers, and with the project we have become a team of 4.

    We have been able to train all our 9th graders in 2018/2019 and 2019/2020, which represents 272 students. Among those 272 students, only 5% had been trained in other places than school.

    In 2019/2020 we were also able to train our 7th and 8th but Covid19 prevented us from doing so. We plan to train them the next year, even if the project is closed. It will represent around 250 students.



    We trained our 6th grade students with an expert in our school. 100 students have been trained. Among them, 4 out of 10 has been trained at their previous schools. We had to delay more students and will train 100 students more in the upcoming year because of the coronovirus barrier.


    Every year Police or "Carabinieri" Force meet our students, in groups of about 50, to help us, as school teachers, to tackle some problems we encountered the year before or during the current year with our students and/or families. At Christmas 2018, one of our 8th grade student lost one of his fingers while he was lighting a firecracker..... all the students were so scared....this year, luckily, all the students had their fingers after Christmas holiday!


    During the project we started the visitis to local fire station for 8th graders. Our students like very much to see the station, the firemen and learn new things about their work and how to study to be a fireman.



    Our students take advantage of their first aids learning. Thanks to this, they learned some important skills that avoid worse and dangerous health situations. Last year, one of our students choked on a sweet and started to have breath problems. One of the classmates sat next to him reacted quickly, helping him to expel the sweet with one of the techniques he learnt with the nurse.

    Previous years we used to train 20 % of our students and 50% of our teachers. These two last years, thanks to this project, we have been able to train 80% of our students and 90% or our teachers. As we think it is essential to prevent worse situations, we will continue doing so every year, since most of our teachers change every year and we want to carry on this training on this important issue.