Workshop Results

  • During that mobility, we had the opportunity to learn more about SEN school systems  in the UK and in the partners countries. Here are the presentations we made and exchanged upon during those  days:

    Special support in Finland.pptx

    Inclusive Education in Italy.ppt

    inclusive education in France.pptx


    We also had a chance to learn more about SEN strategies thanks to training sessions managed by some of the school teachers and were offered a pack to implement in our classes:

    This mobility was also a chance to interact with students: teach them the basics of our tongues, share school activities with them in order to put in practise some of the strategies we had been introduced to, during Food Tech Class, Language Class and PE class. We had talks about their personal disorder, how it impacted their learning and how they managed to elaborate learning strategies with their teachers. A majority coming from disadvantaged social backgrounds, partners understood what great opportunity the school represented when a student who no longer belonged to school tried to come back. The school represents a window to a brighter future and the way teachers work with students helped us understand why, as they provide them with a student centered and caring approach. 

    We also got involved in preparing umbrellas for the ADHD Fondation Umbrella Project in Liverpool to celebrate diversity.

    Here is a movie to illustrate those days: