• We will prepare and use a dissemination plan :

    1. Every school will create or feed school websites and use their native language in their dissemination activities to reach more people locally within the partnership’s target group.

    2. Project corners, exhibitions at school will be always updated to make everyone informed about the progress and outcome of the partnership. 

    3. We will invite other schools to our events and training sessions to encourage them to make efforts to start similar projects. Our target audience will also be invited for our celebrations, namely those taking place during students' mobilities.

    4. Local press will be invited for the opening ceremonies that will take place in each school and every time a celebration takes place.

    5. Schools will create their own newspaper articles, brochures, leaflets, books, DVDs, presentations,  to distribute our project progress and results to local communities

    6. We will involve all students at one moment or another even when they are not targeted by Mobilities. Activities implemented in schools will be addressed to everyone.