School activities



    Every year during the Week of Democracy, we launch school elections. Each group/ form elect two representatives. They have the responsibility to attend the group councils and be a voice to their group's needs.

     Then they elect among all the representatives two other ones to attend the school councils where we vote for the school budget and activities. They can make suggestions to improve life at school.

    We also studied about our rights and played games. Many things were unknown to us and chen we played games our scores were low. Then we read the Convention of the rights of children and made some improvement. Here are our scores:


    At The Observatory School we wrote and produced a play all about childrens rights. The pupils performed this to the local council at the Town Hall. They spoke about why it is important that young people have a voice. The play was called Perspectives.


    Head Boy and Head Girl

    At school we are running our own School Elections. We are voting for Head Boy and Head Girl. Today in our eTwinning class we are making a poster about why our peers should vote for us. Take a look at our video and posters....

    Who will be elected?

    We are going to make our posters to encourage our peers to vote for us.


    We read different articles and played the games of the evaluation task. Here are our results


    Become an expert on child rights.xlsx


    Intro to child rights .xlsx

    Learn more about child rights.xlsx



    On the 20th November our school celebrates the "Children's Rights Day"; after reading and talking about the "Convention of the Rights of the children" made by UNICEF, some students have chosen the one that impressed them more; then they, together with students from primary, grade5, and secondary school, grade6, made some posters.


    Turkey studied the Chilren Rights Convention.

    We made a big board to reach all our students.

    We displayed videos on Children Rights at classes.

    And we also played Kahoot to learn more.




    In our school we played Kahoot about Children's Rights and learned some new things.

    In every school in Finland there is a Student council. Every class votes the representatives for the board. 

    In our home town there is a Youth Parliament. We organize an election every second year in our school, previously in November. Here is a link to an article of the Youth Parliament and election:





    In Spain, at the beginning of each year course, the students in each group vote their representative school classmate. At the end of each term, they join with the Headteacher and the school psychologist to share the problems they have in their classrooms about their learning process, the classroom coexistence and they share together some measures to improve and have better results and behaviour.

    We did the games about the children's right and we also learned a lot with the document posted here. This information is very well known by the students since it is something they learn since Primary School.

    Last year, we also celebrated a contest with a writing of a short story focused on children's rights. Here are some pictures of the moment the winners read and shared them with the rest of the students.