Sharing Tasks

  • We will share some tasks to manage the project:


    -coordinating the project , resolving any issue, planning the activities, making sure the results are visible on the different platforms we'll create.

    -during the teachers meetings, preparing activities, measuring their impact, solving any problem rising.

    -organizing  videoconferences  to discuss the ongoing activites and solve any issue.


    -creating a twinspace on Etwinning and a Facebook Group page and manage them. 

    -managing the Mascotte blog

    Turkey and Spain

    -create a common website  and update it.

    -making movies and clips to share on the different platforms

    Finland,  and Italy

    - writing and send questionnaires/surveys about the activities (before and after) to measure the impact on students and staff,

    -make activities evaluation reports on the basis of the partners' feedback

     Other tasks are common to everyone:

    - making sure the activities are completed in their schools, evaluated thanks to surveys ( questionnaires and assessments forms) and disseminated locally.

    -creating a platform to showcase the work done in the project in their mother language and communicate to the school community .

    -writing  reports/presentations about the meetings for the website, the facebook page, the twinspace about the outcome of activities ,

    -elaborating a toolkit of teaching ressources.