Workshops results

  • During this meeting, the coordinators of each team met the students involved in the training activity and the local team in charge with the project: the Principal, the accountants, the coordinator and teachers involved in the activities of the project and part of the organizing team. 
     We  introduced our schools, gave a deeper insight to each school assets and issues that the project will help tackle. Some partner schools presented the activities that they have covered so far.We had a jobshadowing workshop about the French school system: Classes visits were led under the supervision of the students and local  staff exchanged about their missions. 
    Experienced Erasmus coordinators (France, Italy, Finland)  organized a first common workshop to help the newcomers with running properly the project in their schools (managing and implemeting the project, disseminating , writing reports for Mobility Tool). Local staff presented  a budget template to help follow expense. 
    The workshop was prepared online before the meeting thanks to  collaborative tools ( Team Up, Google Docs,  and videoconferences on social media) and social media (Whatsapp group).
    We had a training workshop about Dissemination ( definition, how, when? targets?) and study of  the Erasmus Guide. The workshop results were about how to design a dissemination plan for the project. We focused on the use of social media for the project : France to run a Facebook page/ Turkey to run a blog, E-Twinning platform (Twinspace) and how UK and France will take control of this. A Mascot will travel to involve students in disseminating about the project . Goodies, leaflets, flags will be prepared to give visibility during exchanges. Video making will present schools and teams.
     During this meeting was also held  the opening ceremony of the project for France so we  invited the school community, local press and stakeholders to join the presentation of the project and introduce our partners to them.
    As The French and British coordinators are Etwinning ambassadors, (and British council ambassadress for the British coordinator) a training session to use the platform in the most effective way helped the partners , the school staff. 
    There was training Workshop about Evaluation (definition, how: presentation of the 5 criteria : relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability). The results consisted in making sure everyone had evaluation forms for staff and pupils for each activity. Finland and Italy have the responsibility to make regular conclusions. We discussed the order of modules and agreed that some flexibility was allowed to fit to the needs of each school, but that on the whole, most schools will follow the order within the Timetable of Activities.
    The training Workshop   about collaborative ICT tools to be used helped local staff and partners to discover new ways of teaching (, Canva, Learningapps, Answergarden, Padlet, Tricider)
    All material related to the workshop (tutorials)are here:

    1. Project Management

    Mobility Tool:   

    Final Report Writing: 

    2. Evaluation

    Europass tutorial: 

    Evaluation: some theory: 

    3.ICT  Tools:

    Collaborative tools for exercise making or surveys:

    collaborative tools.odp

    ICT tools for dissemination or presentations: : Canva: