1st Staff Training: France

  • During this meeting,

    - We will Introduce our schools, give a deeper insight to each school assets and issues that the project will help tackle.

    -Decide about the exact dates of the online and Learning, Teaching and Training activities.

    -Experienced Erasmus coordinators (France, Italy, Finland) will organize a first common workshop to help the newcomers with running properly the project in their schools (managing and implemeting the project, disseminating , writing reports for Mobility Tool).Europass will be introduced to encourage sustainable impact.

    . -We will also prepare our dissemination plan. This meeting will also be the opening ceremony of the project for France so we will invite the school community, local press and stakeholders to join the presentation of the project and introduce our partners to them. This way we will introduce the Erasmus programme to entice other local partners to join.

    -As The French and British coordinators are Etwinning ambassadors, (and British council ambassadress for the British coordinator) a training session to use the platform in the most effective way will help the partners , the school staff. We will invite local school teachers in order to mulitply the ripple effect. As to our project, we will finish designing the twinspace and create all the activities pages together.

    -the list of the ICT tools we need for the project (managing and implementing activities, evaluating, assessing tools such as Google Forms, creating innovative products) will be constituted online before the meeting. During the meeting, a first training will be given about the tools we will use with the partners least at ease with them and related to the first themes tackled during year 1 (theme 1 and 2).

    Once back in their schools, the participants are expected to spread the results of these workshops, share the tools elaborated together, present the ICT tools we will use, so that the involved staff in the project who didn't come benefit from the meeting and understand better how to implement the activities of the project.