School Activities

  • What activities did we organize to help our students to find their potential and make their dreams come true?


    In our school, we work on our students' future projects as soon as the 8th grade.

     The 8th graders are invited to discover the different opportunites after junior highschool, by working under the supervision of our Career Adviser. They are invited to take appointments at the Career Center:


    Our Career advisor works in collaboration with our Librarian who shows them all the documents available at school which can help them. Then, later in the year they are invited to attend the Forum des Metiers. It is a yearly event when parents can come and talk about their careers to our students who can then ask them questions. We divide students into career groups after they answered a survey about their interests.

    As to the 9th graders, we take them to visit our district senior highschools during their yearly exhibitions. They have a chance to visit and choose their future school, learn more about the specialties, meet their future teachers and exchange with students.


    For this topic we mainly focus on our senior students (8th grades)

    1. We made a trip to high school for our students to choose among them. We visited Sports High School, Science High School and Arts High School. As they are graduating from our school this year, they will start their high schools. We want them to start to plan their carrier at this age. (180 students joined it)

    2. We gave a seminar to parents by an expert to help their children to start to plan their future.  (300 parents joined it)


    4. A seminar to whole 8th grade students (360) about the future career planning was given by an expert.


    3. Our counselling department help students to find out their skills and their wishes to make a good carrier. They started to apply surveys about it regularly. (360 students were applied)




    Every year our school organizes a Project called "Orientamento scolastico", that is a guide to do the best choice for their future.

    It consists of two steps:

    -1: some teachers of High-Schools come to school and meet our students; they illustrate the High-School where they teach, through videos, brochures and so on. Then students can ask for information.

    -2: High-Schools invite students who are interested in attending that school; they can partecipate some lessons, too.

    Here are some pics of the visit in the High-Schools:

    -I.I.S."C. Gemmellaro": it's a Commercial Technical and Technological Institute:

    -I:P:S:S: "L.Mangano", Specialization in Fashion, Cosmetology, Intermediate Care Technician:

    -I:S:I:S: "Duca degli Abruzzi" :

    Before the deadline of enrolment, High-Schools organize an event, called "Open Day", usually at the weekend; it's a day when families and students can visit the school they are interested to, guided by attending students, and can have all the information about activities organized, subjects studied, which are the career opportunities, etc. They often ask if the school runs some Erasmus or eTwinning Projects.



    In Finland the students study career councelling in 7th, 8th and 9th grades. They learn a lot about different careers and possibilities to study after secondary school. They also visit several schools nearby before choosing their next school to study. They visit vocational schools and high schools. 

    Students also have few short periods of work experience. In 7th grade they work at the school canteen and in 8th and 9th grade they work in local companies and stores etc.




    At our school, we have a counseling department specialized in guiding our students to their future studies. Since they start studying 2nd level of Secondary School (13-14 years old), she explains the students the different study options they have according to their aptitudes and preferences and she guides them to their academical itinerary. At level 3rd of Secondary School they start choosing Maths for academical purposes or Maths for vocational training. At the end of Secondary School, students are informed about the different options they have in Post Secondary Education or vocational training courses.

    Every year, for our students of Post Secondary or Post compulsory Education, we organize trips to the University where they are informed about the different and trendy or new carriers and they visit the buildings. The counseling department is always available as well to inform them which are the best subjects they have to choose according to the career they want to study.