Work Process

  • Here is the Lesson Plan for this activity:

    Material -Common Google Drafts
    Work Process

    -Evaluate students about their European culture

    -Have your students think about topics and add them to the chart  (see page Issue 1)

    -Divide your class in as many groups as topics chosen by students

    -Have your students choose a topic, and register their groups on the dedicated chart  (see page Issue 1)

    -In mixed teams, students make research and work on the topic. They choose a topic and a country and ask questions to their partners. Then they write the articles with the answers. Use the google draft .

    -Organize videoconferences to check work progress

    -Upload your finished articles

    -Organize the magazine

    Number of lessons -Free
    Outcome -Writing articles about different themes concerning the partners' countries and culture for the first issue of our CREACTION Magazine

    -A better knowledge of the partners' countries and culture



    -Writing skills and improvement of ESL skills


    -ICT tools: creating a magazine online