Our website that shows Turkish school activities


    You can download pdf version HERE.


    We prepared a magazine that show all the activities Mustafa Kemal Ortaokulu did. It has been shared online on all related social media and printed out to give local schools and Directorate of National Education in Duzce and to the Ar-Ge (Reaseach and Development Section)

    We present all the CREACTION activities in a magazine we created in Turkish. Mustafa Kemal Ortaokulu Creaction Activities


    *We make dissemination meetings at school after each mobilities to share our experiences

    ''We disseminate our project with dissemination materials''

    *We made photo exhibitions of students mobility in Finland and France

    *We are at local press again

     Duzce Local Newspaper


    *Our project has been introduced to the teachers in Duzce locally.

    *We introduced our Erasmus project and first visit to France to the teachers in our school.

    *We are at local press to introduce our project

    Düzce Local News



    Every time we change our project board into the topics we work for the project 

    1. Project Introduction

    2. Who are our partners? (includes info about partners)



    3. Internet Safety Awareness in our school

    4.Be Europe


    We introduced project activities by creating online event at etwinning for the 54 teachers in the region.



    During Erasmus Days 15 16 17 October 2020, the video about the experiences of Turkish students who took the Creaction mobilities was published at the school website, school official facebook group, school instagram account and at the offcial facebook group of Duzce National Education Department where all schools of Duzce joins. Totally we reached 3000 local people, students teachers and parents.