Be ecofriendly!

  • For this activity, the evaluation was more in terms of quality of actions to carry.

    During a preparation meeting ( the students mobility in France) we listed the type of ecofriendly actions we lead in our schools, if any.

     It appeared that all the schools had at least oneecofriendly activity. (see subpage Be Ecofriendly) So the challenge was to either to expand them to more students, make students responsible of the organization or add at least one different activity. 

     All the schools took the challenge, and worked with different local partners. The results is we involved more students than usual in the organization of the events.

     Here are some figures:

    - in France, we led more class projects to raise environmental awaress. ALL our  students, our students and ALL our SEN students are working on at least one class project this year, whereas it involved only the 8th grade students the previous years. Ecofriendliness is part of our curriculum. 

    -in Turkey we forced our students to be more ecofriendliness. We invited two professors from aroun universities to raise awareness on being ecofriendliness. We made our students plant tress, create a school garden, plant fruits and vegetables, collect garbage, and do join some recycling campaigns in our schools. Total around 400 students took part in these activites.

    - in Italy, we deal with Ecofriendliness from pre.primary school, we educate our students to respect environment since they are little children and it happens; but when they grow up, we have quite to force them to do it. For this reason, every year we involve them in ecofriendliness activities; the activity, they liked more this year, was the planting of olive trees, a project with our City Council, that donated to schools some olive trees. Groups of students of each grade, including SEN, more than the previous years, have been involved.

    -in Finland we organize a food battle every year. It is part of home economic studies. The local supermarket donates us the left over food for free and our students prepare meals using those ingredients. During the project we shared the pictures of prepared portions to other students. We had pictures on the our Erasmus wall and in social media. Every spring our school organizes litter picking near the school yard. We have increased our  resycling knowledge and methods during this project.

    - In SPAIN, our school is an ecofriendly one since we have worked on it for many years. Our students live in a rural area, surrounded by a Natural Park that should make them aware that we must care of what we have. However, they are so accustomed to be surrounded by that landscape that they often forget that it must be cared by us. 

    In 2014 our school started an Erasmus+ project focused on the responsible care of the environment. It was called "Our treasure", and it raised a lot of awareness among our students. 

    Apart of the different projects we do about environment, we have to say that our students come from the Primary school which is also an ecofriendly one.

    We never stop working on this issue since we think it is essential and every year we try to focus on different topics. The last one was making our own recycled paper and we did a workshop on it:







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