The students

  • The French Team

    Introduce the travelling students

    ITALY: I.C.S.GIORGIO - Catania

    The Italian students coming in Finland are 4 girls. First, we made the video at school, but they were so serious!! It seemed we were at the police station under questioning!! :-)))) So I suggested them to introduce themselves at home, maybe they would have felt comfortable, and they did!!! :-))) They are really excited to do this experience in Finland and now they are so curious to know who will host them ;-)

    UK - The Observatory School

    We are the UK Team. We are 6 pupils: Thomas, Brooklyn, Elliot, Jake, Leon and Callum. 3 Teachers: Mr Chiswell, Mr Wood and Mr McQueen.

    Please click the link below to see who we are :-)



    1. Tuana Kap 13              Girl

    2. Berra Bayrak 13         Girl

    3. Ömer Faruk Turan 13 Boy

    4. Furkan Demir 14       Boy

    5. Talha Kılıç   13              Boy

    6. Ege Sivrikaya 13         Boy

    4 boys and 2 girls in total