6. Be a First Aider!

  • First Aid training will be given to students. Please tell us about your activities at school:


    We trained our grade 9 to how rescuing people in danger by our trained teachers (Mr Rouif and Bagard and Mrs Hamrit) and all passed their certificate! Congratulations!




    we trained our students by an expert about the first aid.



    Before Christmas holiday, the bomb squad of "Carabinieri" Force met our students to make them conscious on the risks of a bad and undisciplined use of firecrackers and other explosive devices, not always legally placed on the market... 



    In Finland we have a subject called Health education in grades 7th, 8th and 9th. It includes basic knowledge of first aid. They practice several skills and learn how to react in emergency situation. 


    They also visit a local fire station every year and learn many important things.




    Every year, the nurse from the health center in the town comes to our school to explain the basic first aids to students and teachers. Since we are in a rural area and we live far away from hospitals, we think this is essential because these first aids can save someone’s life while the ambulance gets to the patient.

    The Civil Guard also comes to our high school to inform about other health risks like drugs and alcohol to prevent an early and unconscious consume.