School Activities

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    We started a collecting toys campaign to help a kindergarten school in need in our city. This is a volunteering job. Students brought toys from their homes. We collected them in our special boxes and delivered them to the target school. It is a small faraway nursery school and kindergaarten.



    Our school works with a local association Asociacion Familiar Insomnia Fatal. We created a muscial "Romeo and Juliet" after Shakespeare's play in order to raise funds and give to the association and help research:. Our Beatriz Tercero Herrero PE teacher was in charge with the project:




     Every year,   ULIS students, accompanied by Ms. Guillard and Mrs. Sauvage 's 6th grade pupils, launch a toy collection campaign as Christmas approached on behalf of Secours Populaire. Posters are posted everywhere to invite students to bring their old toys. The Secours Populaire did not forget to thank them for having so brilliantly conducted this action.


    As in previous years, our shool  participated in the fundraising for the ELA association which helps children with leukodystrophies. This year, we raised more than 9000e directly donated to the association. In October, the dictation of ELA made us think about disability, and what a simple object like a pair of sneakers can represent for a child who can not run. Finally, in October, students put on their sneakers to fight the disease under the eyes of their comrade Ewen, the darling of the race. Workshops on disability awareness, saving actions have allowed our students to get even more involved. To understand the impact of this action here is a film of presentation which  was realized with us last year and available on the website of the association:


    In our school two groups of 7th graders prepared fact books for children. Then we visited a primary school nearby and the 7th graders read those books to the 1st graders. Little students enjoyed a lot of the books and the company of older students. It was a great experience for everyone.

    2019 Tietokirjat.pptx

    We also organized Buenos Koivis week. During that week students had a cafe where they sold items they had baked by themselves. The profit was 94 euros and it will be donated to the Red Cross for charity.


    We have met some young people, who spend part of their free time in  “Voluntary Organizations” of our area. They help children to do their homework, to play games: football, volleyball, basketball; they sing and dance; they draw and paint and do many other nice and funny activities.

    Each of us has expressed his (her) idea of “solidarity”.

    Then we have watched some videos about acts of solidarity. At the end we all agreed that “solidarity” is also a simple act towards a person who is in trouble in that moment: an old person carrying heavy shopping bags, a schoolmate, a friend who is sad that day and so on.

    This is a fantastic idea, so children, whose parents work all day or don’t have enough money to let their children attend a gym or a dance school, for example, don’t feel alone or spend their afternoon in the streets.

    Every year our school collect toys and clothes for needy families. We have collected clothes, shoes and toys for the needy families.

    We have packed them and decorate the boxes with drawings.

    Then the parish priest of our church will help us to give the gifts.

    Every year our school organizes many events for charity: we organize Fairs to sell pastries, objects made with recycled materials, we collect and donate toys and school supplies and other nice activities.

    We and our families, especially our mums, are always happy to join these events at school.