Extra Activities

  • UK

    We want to tell you all about the UK. We have made some amazing videos to teach you all you need to know. We hope you enjoy them.

    Our first is a tour of Liverpool. Liverpool is our nearest city. It is 20 minutes from our school.



    The Italian students have visited our partners' culture in several ways: posters with symbols, recipes, drama,everyday life scenes...and so on. They have had a lot of fun!! :-)


    The symbols of the French Republic



    **We designed our project board into European Union to share information about EU and partners.

    **Our teachers informed the students about what Europen Union is.


    **We delivered some brochures about European Union and its organizations.


    **Turkish students worked in pairs, prepared presentations about EU and its Organizations and made presentations to their classmates.


    **We studied the common words between Turkish and partners' languages.


    To raise awareness among our students on the need to work on a European identity, we had them visit the Musée de la Grande Guerre in Meaux which is dedicated to WW1. The History teachers had prepared them, and taught them how peace can be fragile and needs to be kept at all prices.