• Dissemination at The Observatory School.

    Hello and welcome to our dissemination page. We have been working hard at school to tell everyone about our AMAZING CREACTION project.

    We have had a whole school assembly to tell everyone about the exciting opportunities ahead. Everyone was very interested and excited to get started.

    We had a whole staff meeting to break down tasks and assign each teacher a section of the project. 

    We had a Governors meeting to inform the Governors of the school about the project. They were very imporessed and keen to see the impact of the project on the school.

    We held parent and carer meetings to tell all of our parents and carers about the project. They were amazed and very pleased that their children get to part of such an amazing experience. 

    We wrote to our local MP Frank Field who publisged a story on his Facebook page about the project.

    We visited a local radio station to talk about the project. 

    Photograohs and videos to follow.

    We have been shortlisted for a National Award at this years TES Awards for International Award.

  • CREACTION at The Observatory School

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