School Activities

  • What an amazing week we had in Spain!

    Here is the menu:

    • Our partners offered to us class and lessons visits by teachers and students.

    • Students presented information about their schools, staff, towns, regions.

    • Students presented  their school activities demonstrating the module Be Ecofriendly, Be a Volunteer and Be Healthy 

    • We had  workshops on Healthiness:sports tournaments, hiking by the River Borosa, in the Sierra Segura, conferences on healthy diets

    • We had an Ecofriendliness Workshop: students attented a conference, made recycled oil soap and attended a Trashchallenge 

    • We had a Volunteering Workshop: a local association came to present their activities. Talks with students.

    • We were able to set expectations and review each day through joint presentations by the students

    • Evaluation were made by students of their mobility and activities thanks to an online survey and making  common posters to display in the Spanish school

    • We learned about local historical places: el Alhambra, Ubeda and Baeza...

    • We had project coordinators’ meetings and discussed activities content,  programmes and dates for next meetings.

    Thanks to this meeting, the participants had a chance to: 

    -develop their communication skills: collaboration and Language skills as all the activities will be held in English. 
    -become more self-confident as they will present their work to their school mates and the larger school community.
     -learn more about their partners' volunteering work thanks to a real peer-to-peer approach (not only online) 
    -build relationships with their partners and host families
     -improve their ICT skills thanks to use of varied tools -learn to analyze their work, think critically, and assess the benefits taken from the activities 
    -learn more about how associations work, the different issues a country can face and that can be different for one's own.
    -think about how to be healthy and change their lifestyle
    -become aware of environmental issues