Workshops results

  • During the meeting the following training sessions took place. They were meant at the partners staff but also the local staff who attented them with great motivation:

    • Training Workshop about Augmented Reality with the software HP Reveal in order to prepare our artistic activities in Italy. It can also be used to enrich our exhibitions in schools to disseminate about the project.
    • Training Workshop about Video Making with Imovie. Results: Working on the film about the Mobility to France.
    •  Training Workshop  about Drama techniques in order to prepare our play in Italy. Students will write a round-robin play to perform.
    • Workshop about the Turkish school system: Classes visits under the supervision of the students. Exchanges with the staff about their missions.
    • Workshop about Mobility Tool (part 2: report making) and statistic tools.
    • Language classes. Partners taught the basics of their languages to the Turkish students.


    Here are tutorials teachers and other staff members can refer to in order to use the tools better:

    1.Augmented Reality:

    tutorial hp reveal.docx

    2. Video editing


    3.Drama techniques in class:

    drama in class.docx

    4. How to make charts to present figures: