3rd Staff Training: the UK

  • The British partners will share during various workshops about their practise related to SEN students' activities as the other schools are not as specialized as theirs. Teachers from local schools will be invited to join to multiply the ripple effect. Among the training sessions we can list:

    -Expert Talk and conferences about the SEN teaching and learning (psychologists, specialized educators) -

    The partners will present how their school systems deal with SEN students. Comparisons will be made in order to get inspired by each other about our practises.

    - The British partners will help us make suggestions of activities and tools will help us design activities for demotivated students to tackle our school early leaving issue. This way we will constitue a box tools of ready activities.

    Once back in their schools, the participants are expected to spread the results of these workshops, share the tools elaborated together, present the ICT tools we will use, so that the involved staff in the project who didn't come benefit from the meeting and understand better how to implement the activities of the project.