A9: Measuring air pollution

  • A9, A10 and A11: Air, noise and sound pollution measurements

    Students have evaluated the impact of various indoor pollutants using the devices they assembled. They were divided in groups of two and then they measured all the variables more than 5 times.

    Students learned about science, electronics and engineering while building this device. The measurements were made in a controlled environment, repeated at least five times to get a more accurate readings and noted in the measurement tables. Measurements were done by all interested students and analyzed together with the physics teacher.


    • Measurements of different pollutions in school and homes


    Here is the movie on how to assemble the air pollution sensor.


    Here is a draft of the worksheet how to assemble the apparatus:

    Table for measurements:

    Beneath you have some photos from the workshop during the mobility to Poland and air measurements:


    Data summary results.

    Class 2A. Ins Ferran Tallada