Dissemination Spain

  • Dissemination about the project has been done all year long in our teacher, student, parent and school board meetings, school websites, emails and on the pinboards in our halls.

    In addition, articles, seminar, workshops, teacher trainings have been organized (or participated in) to spread our project!



    Erasmus meetings corner. Ins Ferran Tallada

    November 2016

    We have participated in the XIV Educational Quality Days  (Jornada de Qualitat a l’Ensenyament)  with the project as an example of good environmental management  practices at school.



    Summer 2016.

    Silvia Maymó and Manel Tenes, science and mathematics teachers from Ins Ferran Tallada, have been invited to write an article on the project development in the "Butlletí Escoles més sostenibles, Ajuntament de Barcelona"


    Bioclimatic schools meeting

    Students from Ferran Tallada School presented our project and findings on air and light pollution to teachers, students and district authorities in Barcelona. Here are a presentation and some pictures:



    Radio Boca Nord

    Our students were asked to go to the district radio "Boca Nord" and to explain the project.

    Listen to the audio file:



    Agudells 39-47

    08032 Barcelona


    Teachers meeting. Education Department, Generalitat de Catalunya


    Our school participated in the Bioclimatic experiences exchange between teachers of Catalonia organized by the Educational Services of the Education Department (Generalitat de Catalunya).

    Here is a Power Point with our presentation:


    Here are some pictures of the event:




    Acusticat. First noise congress in Catalonia


    Our school has participated in the first Catalan Congress "Acusticat" where we have presented our Erasmus project, concretely our research on noise pollution. Here is our Power Point Presentation: 


    Here are some pictures:



    Noise awareness day. Report on public television


    Our school was asked to talk and show some activities on the Noise Awareness Day (29.04.2015) This is a TV3 report (National public television)



    Other information dissemination channels


    Blog entry about French Mobility June 15


    Dissemination of the meeting in Barcelona through the school's facebook

    Information on the workshops in Polannd on the school's blog: 

    Link to Facebook page of the project on the school's facebook. 

    Twit to disseminate our leaflet about the project 


    Leaflet made by Spanish students about the Erasmus+ Project "Pollution! Find a STEM Solution!


    First presentation of the project for families and teachers in 2014