Sustainable work with scientists and Edouard Herriot' students

  • Students have been given the chance to meet three very interesting scientists from the CNRS (Centre National de Recherches Scientifiques: Jean-Pierre Lebreton, Tjarda Roberts and Laura Selliez) during the project. Both teachers, students and scientists appreciate these special days and would like to repeat these workshops and lectures. It has been decided that those scientists will come back next school year and will help to organize a guided tour in their laboratories!


    They said about the project:

    Tjarda Roberts wrote:

    "This “Pollution – find a STEM Solution” project is very interesting to me. VOCs are indoor air pollutants and some can be harmful to health. They also react in the atmosphere with NOx to form ozone as a secondary pollutant that is also hazardous to health. As well as being emitted from cleaning products, VOCs can be released from paints, from burning of fossil fuels and even from some plants. The chemistry and impacts of VOC emissions is a ‘hot topic’ in atmospheric science.
    The students’ sensor science project is very complementary to my miniature gas sensor research so I look forward to seeing this project progress and for us to work together on small sensors in future.
    Many thanks for my visit!
    Tjarda Roberts (December 2015)"

    Jean-Pierre Lebreton wrote (in our guestsbook, February 2016):



                             Laura Selliez                                        Tjarda Roberts                               Jean-Pierre Lebreton