A12.3. Analazying the measurements - how to calculate the errors

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    A12: Analysis of the measurements

    Students analyzed their measurements and compared them to the measurements of all the partner countries involved in this project. Students did a small scientific research paper and the prezies and a poster for the dissemination of the results of this activity. The first dissemination was at C2 meeting in France.

    Tools that were used in this activity: Prezi, Microsoft office (word, excel, PowerPoint), e-mail, eTwinning platform, Skype (video conference)

    On Twinspace using Linoit and on the upcoming Videoconference students tried to find the reasons for different results in different countries and aim to finding the solution to the VOC pollution in their school and their homes.


    • Students disseminate their results to the school, local community, other schools and general public through internet, eTwinning, brochures, publishing of their scientific work in the school newspapers, web-sites and flyers to the local community, conferences and workshops for the parents and the local community.
    • Through the analysis of the results of the measurements students learned about scientific method and what do scientists do in their workplace