Dissemination Croatia

  • Dissemination about the project has been done all year long in our teacher, student, parent and school board meetings, school websites, emails and on the pinboards in our halls.

    In addition, articles, seminar, workshops, teacher trainings have been organized (or participated in) to spread the word about our project! We have been disseminating our project on the national, european and international level!


    January, 2017.


    just recieved the following email:

    Dear Ms Takač,


    I am writing to inform you that your project – “POLLUTION! FIND A STEM SOLUTION!” – has been published on the Scientix online platform. It is available in English, as well as the other seven languages we offer our content in (German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Romanian, and Polish).


    We at European Schoolnet would like to express our gratitude to you for making your project available. You can now upload resources related to your project to our repository using this tool here. Please note that it may take a while for us to review those resources due to a large number of them being uploaded. We will inform you about the process of your request for uploading resources.

    In case of questions, please feel free contact me via this address.


    Best regards,

    Róbert Hlynur Baldursson | Science Projects Communications Coordinator | Science Education Department, European Schoolnet
    EUN Partnership AISBL, Rue de Trèves 61, B-1040 Brussels
    t: +32 (0)2 790 75 59 f: +32 (0)2 790 75 85
    www.europeanschoolnet.org | www.scientix.eu | https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-hlynur-baldursson-60246020

    European Schoolnet | Transforming education in Europe




    November 25th, 2016.








    KA2 projekt „Pollution – Find a STEM Solution“  AMPEU je prije nekoliko tjedana predstavila na sastanku radne skupine „Digital Single Market“ - stručne radna podskupina za digitalne vještine pod vodstvom gđe Vuk iz CARNet-a, a s uključenim djelatnicima različitih ministarstava i organizacija koje se bave poticanjem digitalnih vještina građana RH.

    Svima prisutnima se svidio prijedlog te je projekt uvršten u dokument s primjerima dobre prakse koji je gđa Vuk slala nadležnim institucijama u Brisel.

    Te smo prihvatili poziv za prijavu za European Digital Skills Awards 2016.




    The project was submitted to the European Schoolnet - Scientix database of STEM projects.



    We have entered an international contest with our OER:

    Teachers’ contest “Attractive science education”

    The Teamwork, Training and Technology Network

    Invites all science teachers to share their teaching practices


    Teachers’ contest

    “Attractive science education”

    About the project

    The Teamwork, Training and Technology Network (TTTNET) aims to summarize practices, to identify innovations and actively work to mainstream those findings into educational policies with the aim of making science education more attractive and appealing to the young learners. The project strives to build on the experience of teachers-innovators and on the achievements of international projects and initiatives aimed at supporting science education.


    We were invited to present our finished KA2 project for new users of Erasmus + KA219 projects on 16.September 2016.

    Our project was selected to be represented at CARNet User Conference(CUC2016) in Rovinj on 9th to 11th November 2016. as an example of excellent practice.


    On 01.07.2016. Our school OSNOVNA ŠKOLA PANTOVČAK and our project coordinators DANIJELA TAKAČ and MARINA MOĆAN were named ERASMUS + AMBASSADORS. They will continue to share with others all they have learned in this project.



    Danijela Takač attended Honeywell Space Academy for educators with 100 educators from all over the world. During Breakout sessions she presented the project "Pollution! Find a STEM solution!" to them.


    ZAGREB, OUR SCHOOL, 31.05.2016.

    On the recommadation of our National Agency the film crew from Croatian national television HTV came to film students and teachers involved in our project for the show: "Vodič kroz fondove Europske unije". Students and teachers talked about their experience and activities done in this project. The show Vodič kroz EU fondove (26/40) aired on 24.09.2016. at 18:10h on HRT4.


    ZAGREB, 11.05.2016., Europski dom

    European movement Hrvatska, Europski dom Zagreb in collaboration with European educational forum organized on 11. May 2016.  kconnference called "Europske mogućnosti za škole, učenike i nastavnike“. Danijela Takač i Marina Moćan presented our project "Pollution! Find a STEM solution!" as an example of good practices.




    EGU General Assembly 2016,

    Vienna 18.04. - 20.04. 2016. GIFT workshop for teachers

    Danijela Takač presented our project to teachers and scientists all over the world during a poster session.




    Report from the short term exchange of students to the whole school faculty done by students that were involved in the project and mobility.



    Leiden University, Netherlands - Danijela presented our project to 80 teachers from all over the world that gathered during a Universe Awareness workshop, October 2015.




    PARENT-TEACHER MEETING in the school. Talking about preparations for mobility to France.

    Danijela Takač was invited to present the project on ECO media conference 10.11.2015. as an example of good practice.




    Radio ENTER made a report about our project and the short term student exchange in Croatia.


    Article about our project and mobility to Croatia was mentioned on "Školski portal" the education website 22. 10. 2015.:




    15.10.2015. An article about our project and mobility to Croatia was published in the national daily newspaper "Jutarnji list".


    29.09.2015. National web portal for education ŠKOLSKI PORTAL has published an article where our project is mentioned:



    22.09.2015. Parents, local community and teacher meeting



    17.06. 2015. Chartres, France



    08.06. 2015.Regional meeting of STEM teachers in Zagreb, Croatia

    Danijela Takač gave a presentation of the project to the teachers in Zagreb, Croatia. She talked about the benefits of having a project, the goals of the project and its activities. She also gave examples how to connect the project aims with the goals of new curriculum reform.



    05.06.2015. Regional meeting of Physics teachers in Osijek, Croatia.

    Danijela Takač gave a presentation of our project to the teachers in Osijek, Croatia. She talked about the benefits of an Erasmus + project, our goals and activities, our mobilities and the resulting OER.


    Croatian national educational newspaper "ŠKOLSKE NOVINE" nr.18  12.05.2015.

    An article about our project.


    06.06. 2015. internet portal "Veseli hackeri" an article about our project:




    On April the 22nd 2015, at a joint session of the parliamentary Committee on European Affairs, education, science, culture and family, youth and sports, the  Members of Parliament were presented Erasmus + and Obzor 2020 programs within the jurisdiction of the Agency for Mobility and EU programs.

    As an important and valuable part of the information on Erasmus + Agency for Mobility and EU decided to present to the MPs some of the funded projects, those which they consider to have the most appropriate objectives and priorities of the program, that contribute the most to the development and training of participants, and developing the institutions that carry out the projects.

    Our project "Pollution! Find a STEM solution!" was chosen to be presented in the joint session.

    Complete information, as well as presentation, can be found at:




    This presentation of our project is very valuable and important for us because it shows the great value of our project and gives us great motivation for successful realization of the project activities.


    21.03.2015. European Studies conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Danijela Takač and Marina Moćan attended the European Studies conference in Belfast, Nothern Ireland and disseminated our project to the teachers from all around Europe. They got excellent feedback and some teachers volunteered to translate the OER to Italian and measure noise pollution in their schools no matter they are not in the project.


    There is a constant update on our school webpage:




    13.03.2015. Dissemination to parents in our school

    We shown the parents and all interested teachers the plan for our teacher and students trainings in Poland. Our presentation can be found on the link below:




    26. 02. 2015. National radio show "Hrvatima izvan domovine", HRT 1

    Teachers M. Moćan and D. Takač talked about our project. They talked about the benefits and challenges we are facing.

    The show can be found on this link. It starts around minute 6:00.



    10.12.2014. Erasmus + info days

    Danijela Takač and Marina Moćan were asked to make a presentation on the writing process and ideas of our project "Pollution! Find a STEM solution!" as an example of good practices, on the Erasmus + informational conference, by Croatian National agency Agencija za mobilnost i programe EU.


    Our presentation is uploaded on the National Agency website and you can find it on this link:


    as an example of good practice KA2.

    Leaflet for the first parents meeting

    Dissemination for our parents, students and the whole school on the pinboards in the hall of the school.

    Posters about the tradition and gastronomy of our partner countries. Posters were made by our students involved in the project.