M2. Transnational meeting – Lucé, France 15-19 June 2015.

  • - Monday 15-06-2015  

    Morning welcome

    To welcome the European colleagues, Monsieur SURÏG (Director of Education for the academy) came to Edouard Herriot school to underline the quality of the project and to give his support to our work. Speaking of which, Mr Surïg once more told us that he would give additional means to complete the French finances. As for ICT, he promised to give the extra equipment required to run the project perfectly. In addition, we again asked him to provide us with support for the distribution of project resources. Before leaving, he once again thanked all the teachers involved in “this very ambitious project”. A journalist from the regional newspaper “Echo28” interviewed teachers during that first meeting .

    Then, students taking part in the project gave a tour of the school in English (prepared by themselves). Teachers were separated into two groups, each guided by three French students. This school visit allowed teachers to learn more about this French school, discovering its different class rooms ...

    Afternoon Workshop

    Workshop 1 « Let's design OER ».

    Which software should be used to create these OER? We divided the tasks between each of the teams and planned a calendar to finalize the OER elaboration. We then translated the work in different languages.

    In the mean time, a journalist from Web TV (TV28) came to interview Miss Takac, Miss Desmoissons and her students about the project, their mobility in Poland and what they have being doing so far and what impacts this project has had on their curriculum.

    The day ended with a tour in Chartres: visit of Chartres' world-renowned cathedral, in its medieval old city...

    - Tuesday 16 -06-2015 

    On the morning, European teachers accompanied by the French team,  Miss Lorillard (Headmistress), Miss Blondeau (Administrator) and Mr Aeschliman (the Technology Teacher who organized the visit) went to the IUT (University Institute of Technology) of Chartres. Teachers were given a lecture, during which the subject taught, the aims of the formation and various projects were presented. We visited the IUT and its different labs of GEII (for electricals, informatics and industrial engineering). 


    This second afternoon was dedicated to workshops.

    Workshop 2 « Project’s assessment ».The Croatian team suggested supports to assess the project both by formative and sommative means. Workshop 3 « web page », led by the Croatian team; this third workshop's aim were to show the project's new web page created on Weebly, and to reinforce its efficiency while explaining how to add new documents online and how important it is to “feed” the website on regular basis.


    An official welcome dinner organized by the French team. Joined by the administration staff, all the European teams went to a French gastronomic restaurant in downtown Chartres. Then we had a tour of the city, enjoying the beautiful light show during which all monuments are lit up. (« Chartres en lumières » each summer).


    - Thursday 17-06-15 


    This morning was organized in two parts. Teachers were divided into two groups. One went to a solar center , the other one stayed at school to meet teachers and pupils.


    Built in 2012, this solar park in Crucey-Villages is the biggest in Europe with its 244,5 hectares covered by 750 000 photovoltaic panels. We were given a lecture by an engineer specialized in solar energy. He told us the difference between solar calorific energy and solar photovoltaic energy. He underlined the efficiency of the component used here (Cadmium tellurium) allowing a production of 100W/m2. However, he pointed out the negative impact of such a product on the ecosystem and then showed us all what has been developed to protect the environment (either animals or vegetables).

    When we visited the park, teachers realized the scale of this project.



                -Participation in class activities

    Some teachers attended classes of History, English, Spanish, Mathematics and Sport. They asked questions to and answered questions from the French students and spoke with French teachers about pedagogical skills and program contents. These exchanges were very interesting and everybody asked to do it again in February.

    -In the afternoon, we visited Lolita Lempicka, perfume industry of Cosmetic Valley


    Thursday 18th June

    Paris: river cruise, Louvre Museum, walk


    Friday 19th June

    -Workshop 4: E-twinning and twinspace, workshop organized by Jean-Denis Robiole (academic responsible for e-twinning)

    -Workshop 5: “Filling in an activity table”, distribution, e-twinning…

    -Goodbye cocktails and meeting with the students and their parents, with representatives of the local authority and with the coordinator of DAREIC (Academic delegation of European and international relations and cooperation).