A31. Power from renewable energy -is it always ecological?

  • During mobility in Czech Republic all teams visited  Wind power station in Pchery. We learnt how this station works and about its advantages and disadvantages

    A31 Power from renewable energy

    Student will carry on a research on how the energy is produced/obtained in their region. They will analyze whether the sources of energy are ecological.  During the project meeting students will present the result of research and compare situation in countries involved in the project.

    They will visit the Wind Power and they will have a discussion on advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy. Trip to Wind power Pchery       

    a) Students will discover how energy is obtained in their region.

    b) They will judge whether the ways are efficient and ecological.

    c) They will create international teams to have opportunity to discuss problems about renewable energy

    d) Students will present the results of the project in school websites and magazine

    e) They will organize peer activities about renewable energy during ecology, geography and physics lessons.


    Publishing of project results in the school magazine and school website, posters, peer activities during lessons


    Our student Jakub prepared presentation about energy. You can see it there:



    In order to learn more about renewable energy Czech team visited Solar farm in Kačice