A22 and A23 How to make natural cleaning agents? Recipes for natural cleaning agents

  • A22 How to make natural cleaning agents?

    Natural cleaning agents can save our time, money, and the most important thing, reduce chemical exposure. In October, during the mobility in Croatia, Croatian team (students and teachers) organized several workshops on how to make and clean schools and homes with natural cleaning agents for all project partners. Teachers and students made all-purpose cleaners agents, as well as, their own soaps with main ingredients that are widely available such as baking soda, white vinegar, lemons and rubbing alcohol. Every team introduced those non-toxic and non-polluting substances at their schools and disseminated their knowledge on how to make agents.


    -workshops for students, teachers and cleaner ladies at schools

    -knowledge about how to make natural cleaning agents


    A23 Booklet with recipes for natural cleaning agents

    This activity is interconnected with the activity A22. After the workshops How to make natural cleaning agents? Students will in different Web 2.0 tools are making booklet with recipes and instructions that will be uploaded on TwinSpace and the project web page so that all interested people at large can use them.


    • recipes for natural cleaning agents

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