• Connecting students with peers around Europe broadens perspectives, and instills respect and understanding for cultures beyond each learner’s world. It will positively influence students’ motivation to learn. They will be familiar with and aware of environmental issues related to our schools. On this page you can see some of the activities that we have done to reach our goal.



    Travelling through my country- interactive photos and maps

    Even though this activity was planned for September 2015. Our students were so motivated and interested in working in different web 2.0 tools that they had already done this activity and it has been presented in our schools and in Poland on a student and teacher trainings. The students presented a short trip through their countries and cities using various WEB 2.0 tools: Prezi, Thinglink, Powtoon, Wordpress and Proff quiz, therefore they improved their ICT skills as well as cultural awareness. Their work was placed on Twinspace for others to see and use.


     - interactive maps and presentations of partner countries placed on TwinSpace