C-génial Sciences contest by Edouard Herriot




    Interview of Elsa, Quentin and Théo about their participation to the  “C’génial” science contest last March 2016

    written by Léna and Mathis


    1-What was your feeling at the challenge’s selection?

    I was really happy to know this.

    2- What was the biggest part of the project you worked on?

    I worked a lot on the part I know the least because I wanted to know everything in the project. This part was studied in Poland; it was about the air device.

    3-What does the challenge represent for you?

    I was really proud of represent the project during the challenge. And for my studies I learnt how to be less shy and how to talk in front of a jury.

    4- What did the other pupils prepare for the challenge?

    The other pupils prepared everything except the oral. The French team worked on the logistic during the oral and the items’ disposition on the table…


    5- What does the challenge bring to the Erasmus + project?

    The project became famous in our district, some of the CNRS iresearchers know everything about our project now.

    6- What did the jury think about the project’s presentation?

    We were almost the only team who had an organizated project; it means a beginning and a conclusion. The jury was impressed.

    7- Were you stressed by the idea to represent the team during the challenge?

    Yes of course because we were only three to present a big Erasmus project of two years with a hundred students and teachers.

    8-What kind of scientific things did you learn?

    I’ve seen the other projects and I have learnt differents things as for instance how elements react against pollution...

    9- Who did you meet?

    I met students and teachers of differents projects and some sientists.

    10-Did they give you some advices?

    Yes they did. Mister Lebreton helped us to  prepare the oral with questions about air pollution.