A15: Construction of model windmill power collector

  • Under the supervision of the science teacher students from Polish school created and educational movie which showed how to construct a windmill power plant using a machine engine. The movie depicts step by step the most important elements of constructing such a device: starting from building the engine to mending all the part together with the mast. During the movie, the device is tested, in order to show that it really produces electricity. However it must be highlighted that construction of such a device requires adults' assistance and supervision of a person with knowledge of physics laws. Additionally, the activity involved a workshop which was done during the mobility to Poland. The student with the help from the teacher presented how to build a model of a windmill turbine using: magnets, wooden sticks, a PCV pipe, a diode and some copper wire. Students were divided into pairs and each of the pair was to build the model following the given instructions.Students had the chance to improve their level of English,especially when it comes to technical vocabulary and ability to communicate. What is more, they gained knowledge concerning physics laws and engineering skills while constructing the device. Students have made educational movies and a worksheet that can be helpful while building the device.

    Beneath you can see a moive of Polish students who bild a model of a windmill powerplant: