C1. Short-term joint staff training event and C5. short term student exchange- Kalisz, Poland

  • C1 – Short-term joint Staff training event
    Date: 9th of April – 14th of April, 2015


    Thursday 09.04.15

    The first day was devoted to meeting with the headmaster and the teachers involved in the project. The participants had the chance to sightsee the school, interact with each other and exchange their impressions. Afterwards, the students presented their countries and cities using various WEB 2.0 tools, for example Prezi, Thinglink, Powtoon, Wordpress and Proff quiz, therefore they improved their ICT skills as well as cultural awareness.  There was also a meeting with the chairman of Local Educational Facility mr Witczak who said couple of words about the system of education and how it is organized in Kalisz.  Later all the participants went for a sightseeing tour in the oldest city in Poland.




    Friday 10.04.15

    Early in the morning all the participants took part in the workshop devoted to construction of the measuring devices for sound and light. The Polish group of students presented how to build the given device using intelligent LEGO brick and step by step explained how to program the device. All groups will be given the program to download, as well as an instructional film. In the afternoon the Croatian group had a chance to instruct other participants a device for measuring air pollution. 




    Saturday 11.04.15

    On Saturday the whole group went to Warsaw in order to visit the Copernicus Science Centre where they had a chance to make various scientific interactive experiments. They had a terrific time there, as well the students as teachers. Later the participants went to see the Royal Castle to experience at least some part of the Polish history.


    Sunday 12.04.15

    On that day students and teacher took part in the lecture devoted to forest degradation and cultivation it was held in Museum of nature and forests. Later, the whole group had gone for a walk in order to gain some strength before the workshop devoted to learn using  Prezi and Thinglink. The two workshops were conducted by the Polish and Croatian team respectively.



    Monday 13.04.15

    On Monday morning students went to the local waste treatment facility “Orli Staw”. They had
    a lecture there considering the importance of waste segregation and recycling. After that all the participants had a meeting with the president of Kalisz. Teachers and students had a chance to share their experiences and suggestions. The rest of the day was devoted to more creative activates such as the fashion show of eco-friendly clothes and a disco(which turned out to be a great idea and integrated both students and teachers).

    Tuesday 14.04.15

    The last day was devoted to construction of models of a windmill turbine. Students had to follow the instructions given by the physics teacher in order to construct the model. Later in the afternoon, the whole exchange has been summarized. Teachers and students received the certificates and farewell gifts.  


    Twice we held the coordinators’ meeting during which we decided on dissemination, dates of the next mobilities, we exchanges our suggestions and experiences so that our project would be improved.