M5. Transnational meeting and C4. short term student exchange - Kladno, Czech Republic, 23.5.-27.5.2016

  • There is programme of each day:

    Monday - welcome speech at school      

                 - guided tour of  school

                 - workshop " How can trees help us, " - (activity A32)

                 - guided tour of  town Kladno





    Tuesday:  -visit of  The Centre of Environmental Studies (twith a workshop about recycling

                     plastic bottles)

                    -excursion  Wind power Pchery         

                    -workshop  with Lego robot prepared by student of cybernetic





    Wednesday:  - excursion Lego company

                         - sport activities

    Thursday:    -  National technical museum with exhibition From Flame to LED - The evolution

                           of electric light     

                        - a tour of historical centre of Prague 


    Friday: - a lecture with a glass maker Mr. Zahradník   

                -  workshop - chemical experiments

                - assesments of activities

                - performance of fairy tale in English language

                - tournament in bowling

                - farewell disco