A29: Digital month :"Help me help myself"

  • During this school year OŠ Pantovcak organized a few Scratch workshops:



    On the 19th of April, Bastien and Luka (from Edouard Herriot school, LUCE) presented to their peers Scrumblr


    Bastien and Luka, shown us the website "scrumblr" which is used to share the different points of view of the project on different columns with various people.Ideas appeare as different "post-its"

    advantages drawbacks

     - It's in live

     - Open for everybody

     - We can't post video and photos

     - It can be hack




    The students learned to programm on the CODE DAY:.





    On the 22th of April 2015, Jana Tarnik and Petra Kašnjar Perković held a workshop about web 2.0 tools to their peers. This workshop is a part of the activity A29 "Digital month". Girls have shown other students how to use web 2.0  tool Thinglink.

    Since 22.April is Earth Day the theme of their work was to show the beauty of our planet and emphsize the importance of recycling, ecology and ending the pollution.


    Here is some of their  work abouth Earth Day 22.4. 2015:


    A29 Digital months: „Help me help myself”

    Our students enjoyed working in Thinglink. Thinglink is a simple piece of code that can be easily used. It allows teachers and students to designate piece of site, image or page that will produce a pop-up with description, link, image or video. This web 2.0 tool is a great way to make static images interactive. Some of our students have started making their e-portfolio in this tool after we held a few workshops in our school where we introduced this tool to many of our students from 11 to 15 year old.

    During the mobility to Poland the Croatian team has held a workshop on “Thinglink”.

    In March the school hosted a workshop on Microsoft Office 365. This workshop introduced Office 365 to our students along with OneNote, Lync and Office Mix.

    We organized an hour of code, workshop in Bookwidgets, Mixbook, Kizoa, Prezi and google forms for students and interested teachers. Students also worked in Scrach and programed mBots in Scratch.