M3. Transnational meeting and C3. short term student exchange– Zagreb, Croatia 11.-15. October 2015.


                 11-15 October 2015

                                                                                    done by students of Erasmus+ group 


     The last weeks was very hectic, but above all very interesting. The reason was a visit of our project partners, students and teachers.

    Our students hosted foreign students and show them how is it to be a student in the Primary school Pantovčak and how is it to leave in Zagreb.

    During the visit several interesting workshops were organised, such as making ecological cleaning agents, soap making, measurement of VOC gases in ecological cleaning agents, web 2.0 tools and Glagolitic workshop. Students participated in online quizes.

    Our guests visited main tourist attractions in Zagreb and the beautiful National park Plitvice lakes. They were enchanted with the beauty of Plitvica lakes.

    On the last day of the mobility, Folk ensamble Zagreb – Markovac show our guests traditional folk dances and national costumes. Party at the and of the day was unforgetable.

    We hope that all participants will remember these 5 days in Zagreb for the rest of their lifes.

    Monday, 12th October

    We went sightseeing around Zagreb. We started our tour waking down the Pantovčak hill. Then we visited the Cathedral. We were walking and taking photographs of the main market Dolac, Saint Mark's cathedral, Lotrscak Tower and the whole city. After the walk around the Upper town we were strolling on the Ban Jelačić’ square. The last thing on our list was our Croatian National Theatre and the work of one of our most famous sculptors, Ivan Meštrović (“Well of life”).It was time for a break. We sat down in the pastry shop “Zagreb” and ate some sweets. We walked through our longest street in the city - Ilica and walked up the hill Pantovčak. When we came to the school we had lunch. After lunch we divided in two groups. The first one was introduced to a new web 2.0 tool and the second one was making cleaning agents. After one and a half of an hour we switched groups. We finished by 6 p.m. Hosts picked up their pupils and went home.

    Tuesday, 13th October

    We went to Plitvice lakes. I think everybody liked trip to Plitvice. The weather was bad , but still the lakes were beautiful. Nature is extraordinary. While we were walking we had a lot of fun and we were singing. Everybody was satisfied with an adventure.

    Wednesday, 14th October

    On Wednesday we had Glagolitic workshop. First we had a short presentation about glagolitic alphabet, after that students and teachers tried to do a lot of creative things with glagolitic letters, like printing glagolitic alphabet, making jewelery, making letters with wire, writing names or initials in glagolitic alphabet on rock and making magnets. We had a special asigment for teachers, they had to find their initials in glagolitic alphabet. One girl had a birthday that day so we all sang a song on our languages for her. It was an amazing experience for us. We hope that all our guests enjoyed spending time in Zagreb.

    We also had  a workshop  about making soaps. We made soaps with gliceryn and with different oils like lavander , lemon, orange , sage, rose and vanilla. We also used different natural colours (blue, red, yellow, purple, green, pink or a mixture of colours). It smelled nice there. Hope all had nice feeling like we did.

    Thursday, 15th October

    In the morning we had 3 workshops:

    1. Measurement of  VOC gasses in ecological cleaning agents such as eco soaps and detergents.  We also learned how to calculate arithmetic and relative and absolute errors.
    2. We had a workshop with interactive online quizzes about our partner countries. We had quizzes made with different web 2.0  tools: Hot potatoes, Kahoot,  Google form, Pro pofs and Wix. We had fun learning about different traditions, monuments and cities in Poland, Croatia, Chezch Republic, France and Spain. Students with the best scores received prizes.
    3. Assessments – in online google form every student and teacher included in the mobility gave their feedback, wrote about their impressions, the best and the most difficult workshops, organization, sightseeing activities and so on…


    In the evening we had a farewell party in our school. At the beginning there were some speeches, then professional dancers showed traditional Croatian dances and clothing to the students from other countries. After that there were Karaoke. We danced and had so much fun.