AIR Pollution



    In the school we will put plants that absorb VOC gases. At home we can make some ecological soaps by ourselves, we can turn off the heating when we go on vacations.



    1. Use public mode of transportation or electric cars
    2. Conserve energy
    3. Understand the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Do not throw away items that are of no use to you. In-fact reuse them for some other purpose. 
    4. Emphasis on clean energy resources
    5. Use energy efficient devices
    6. Use Eco friendly cleaning agents



    1. Open the windows and turn off heating or cooling units when the weather is nice. Enjoy the fresh air!
    2. Whenever possible make the students to either play in the school gym or the school yard. 
    3. Each class has a range of plants inside.

    4. Students have planted trees themselves. 


    We could reduce VOC gases by using eco - cleaning agents or not use spray so much. We should place more plants into our classrooms and of course look after them. We decided to plant new trees in front of our school during mobility in May.



    Our classmates proposed different solutions to pollution, here are a few:

     WE COULD…
    - Open windows for 5 minutes after each class.
    - Put more plants in our classes that can improve air quality.
    - Not to use many wrappers that produce harmful waste.