A32. How trees can help us?

  • Student will get information about ways how trees help us to improve the environment. They will explore how many per cent of urban area is covered by trees. Students will survey which kinds of trees are the most common. Students will find out which kind of trees are the greatest removers of the air pollutants. Students will analyze the results of their work and compare them to the results in different countries involved in the project. During the project meeting the trees will be planted in school garden. This is planned for the mobility in Czech Republic.



    Students will

    - learn about ways how trees enhance the environment.

    - be able to appreciate importance of trees for removing air pollutants.

    - recognize appropriate sites for urban trees in their community

    - develop understanding of environments.

    - compare their results to the results in different countries.

    - disseminate the results in school magazine, website, in local newspaper.

    During  mobility in Kladno we were working on activity A32 How can trees help us.

    Firstly we tried to find informations how trees are important for environment and shared all ideas on Padlet.  We copied the most important facts  on the paper tree leaves.

    We managed four international teams and each team had to create their ideas about trees in different season. We used only recyclable materials. These trees  with information leaves were displayed in school  hall so everyone could  learn about importance of trees .

    The last part of activity was collective  planting trees in school garden. Cedar and  lime will not only improve quality of our environment but remind our project and friendship too.

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