Local community supporters

  • Local Community Supporters we cooperate or have cooperated with in the project:


    1. Adam Mickiewicz Univeristy in PoznanScience Day in our school (workshop + lectures)
    2. Water Treatment Plant in Kalisz  – visiting the plant + lecture on the system of providing the inhabitants with water and treating it
    3. The Municipal Solid Waste Treatment and Neutralisation Plant ‘Orli Staw’ – visiting the plant, lecture on the ways of neutralising different kinds of waste
    4. Cleaning Up the World Day – the annual activity for students. They clean up the neighbourhood from the rubbish. They are equipped with the plastic bags and rubber gloves. It’s consulted with the local community representatives
    5. The President of Kalisz, Mr Grzegorz Sapiński – visiting the town hall during the mobility in Poland
    6. The Chairman of the Department of Education in Kalisz, Mr Mariusz Witczak – depicting the educational system in Poland during the mobility in April, providing the guests with the detailed knowledge on thecharacteristics of different types of schools you can find in the oldest city of Poland


    1. Nakladnička kuća Bulaja - donation of educational books about Croatian fairy tales for our partners
    2. Lovro Gracin, Software engineer – visiting our school (lecture + workshop) and talking about future digital jobs with our students
    3. Krešimir Tkalčec,"Sitni sati", software engineer   – visiting our school (lecture + workshop) and talking about future digital jobs with our students
    4. Nikola Vrdoljak, director of PR & Digital Agency 404 and Digital Marketing professional - held a very interesting lecture for our students. .
    5. Tourist office of the city of Zagreb - donation of leaflets and souvenirs
    6. City Office for Education, Culture and Sports


    • Joël Sürig, State Inspector of school in Eure-et-Loir  welcoming partners during the mobility in June 2015 and depicting the educational system in France
    • CEMD, Electronic company – provided technical support to improve our air device
    • Mister Manea, Research and Development engineer – provided technical support to creat and built the 3D printed shelter of our air device
    • The EDF solar park in Crucey-Villages, Eure-et-Loir  – visiting the park, lecture on the production of sustainable energy
    • Pacific Creation, cosmetic company, Chartres – visit and lecture about robotic on Lolita Lempicka perfum production line
    • IUT (University Institut of Technology) of Chartres – lecture of the IUT curriculum and visit of the different laboratories
    • Tjarda Roberts, Research Scientist on Volcanoes and Atmospheric Chemistry in the Voltaire LabexScience day in our school (lecture+ workshop) about measuring volcanoes pollutions
    • Laura Selliez , PHD student working on the search of organic component on Titan (on of Saturn satellite) at LPC2E Orléans – held workshops at school for our students (from 11 to 14 years old ) making them discover and understand what is organic matter.
    • Jean-Pierre Lebreton, Research Scientist CNRS of Orléans, former scientific responsible on Cassini Huygens mission for ESA, worked on Rosetta mission - held a very interesting lecture for our students and their penpals about solar system exploration, and workshops for students from all ages.
    • Pascal Gauthier, application creator president of Betamachine association – visiting our school (lecture + workshop) and talking about future digital jobs with our students
    • Jean-Denis Robiolle, CANOPE and local eTwinning representative – held a workshop about how to improve Twinspace for all partners during French mobility, and offered goodies
    • Tourist office of the city of Chartres - donation of leaflets and souvenirs
    • Odyssee iceskate of Chartres metropoledonation of free entrance for students
    • Yvan Raimand from Apic society donation of goodies for students
    • Marie-Pierre Lemaître-Lezin, elected representative of the Eure-et-Loir council visited school during French mobility supporting our project
    • Patrice Feillu, elected representative – donation of souvenirs and support for communication


    1. Escoles més sostenibles, Ajuntament de Barcelona.  http://lameva.barcelona.cat/barcelonasostenible/ca/escoles-sostenibles.

    "Esmorçars més sostenibles", project to reduce harmful waste. Assistance for teachers and data recording.

    "Sssplau", workshop and project to reduce noise pollution. Assistance for teachers.                    

    2. Servei Educatiu d'Horta-Guinardó. Centre de Recursos Pedagògics http://se-horta-guinardo.cat

    Project to improve environmental conditions. Assistance for teachers and loan of materials.

    3. Observatori de difusió de la ciència. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Project  "Speak, experience and chat with someone who does science in Catalonia”, The researcher addresses the social image of people engaged in science, discusses some issues of his/her work and makes the students to perform an experimental activity. Then he/she opens a dialogue. Students from three different classes participated in the following workshops:

    Dr. Roger Colobran 25.11.2014 , Dr. Josep Mª Gili. 4.12.2014 , Dra. Helena González Burón 18.12.14,

    Dra. María Eugenia Suárez 26.01.2015, Dra. Estela Noguera 1.12.15,  Dr. Jordin Deulofeu 25.11.2016

    4. Centre for research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL). Transnational teachers visit, students visits and workshop, participation of our students in a pilot game test

    5. Parc de Recerca Biomedica de Barcelona (PRBB). Transnational teachers visit, Students participation in Biojunior event, April 27.03.15

    6. Cosmocaixa (Fundació La Caixa). Transnational teachers visit, students participation in an interactive exhibition

    7. Castell de Montjuïc. Transnational teachers visit

    8. Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC) Transnational teachers visit



    1. Industrial water treatment Stochov - excursion + lecture on  process water treatment technology

    2. Photovoltaic power station Kačice - excursion + lecture by Mr Žlábek on production of solar energy

    3. Lego company Kladno - visit during the mobility in Czech Republic

    4. Wind power Pchery - visit and lecture on production of wind energy

    5. Tourist office of the city of Kladno  - donation of leaflets and souvenirs

    6. The Chairman of the Parents council Mr Blecha - visit school during mobility in Czech Republic