Dissemination France

  • Dissemination about the project is done all year long in our school website, meetings with parents/ teachers, emails and on the two pinboards.

    In addition, articles, seminar, workshops, sciences contests were done (or we participated to) to spread our work on a national and international level!



    Early July, Miss Desmoissons, as an eTwinning Ambassador, has been selected to participate in a Personal Development Workshop for new eTwinning ambassadors from all Europe in Rhodes, Greece (from the 28th of September to the 1st of October 2016). Only 10 French ambassadors have been selected, Miss Desmoissons will therefore keep on sharing her experience gain during this project and help others to create their own and to use eTwinning!


    Last meeting with parents and teachers at school (30th of June 2016): students presented all they did during this second year of the project, and the students who were in Czech republic presented a PPt of the mobility. Some prepared a Kahoot to assess their parents and peers knowledge about the project! We spent a very nice evening!

    During ESA 's robotic workshop, Belgium (April 25th to 28th 2016), Miss Desmoissons met 23 teachers from 18 different nationalities. During breaks and socializing times, she presented our projet "pollution! Find a STEM solution!" and eTwinning and got great feedbacks and new contacts!

    April 6th,Meeting with parents in preparation of the last mobility to Kladno, Czech Republic (flipbook presented below)




    On the 30th of March, French team won the second place at the academic science constest "C-génial 2016" with the project ! For their very first participation to such event, the students and Miss Desmoissons were very proud! It was an opportunity to meet again Mister Jean-Pierre Lebreton who spend the day with them (his office happen to be where the constest was taking place: CNRS of Orléans). 

    (details on official educational webpage of the "Académie d'Orléans-Tours")


    Next 30th of March, 3 french students (Elsa, Théo and Quentin H. & Miss Desmoissons) will participate to the academic final of a science contest "C.génial-collège 2016" for which they have been selected! Click on the link below to see the flipbook of the report they wrote and the video they created about the project!

    Our flipbook (clic on the picture to read it!):

    Our video:



    Article in Votre Agglo mensualy magazine (120 000 readers) - about February short term exchange of students (March 2016 edition, page 19) 




    Article in a regional newspaper L'écho Républicain "Students came fom all over Europe", 10th February 2016

    Presentation to parents of the Croatian mobility:




    The 4th of October 2015, as an eTwinning ambassador, Miss Desmoissons presented the project during an eTwinning seminar, in Chartres, for fresh eTwinners  in order to show an example of eTwinning project. She got great feedbacks. Here is the prezi showed:


    22th September 2015: Meeting with parents in order to present the mobility to Croatia. Parents, students and staff members were present. Here is the prezi presented:


    Article in the local Newspaper l'Echo républicain "Sharing of knowledge and competences" 16th june 2015

    Reportage de TV28 . Interview des élèves, de Mme Takac et de Mme Desmoissons le 15/06/2015 lors de la seconde réunion transnationale du 15 au 19 juin 2015 à Lucé



    Link to the school website, click on "Pollution! Find a STEM solution!" (in "sommaire") to read all the articles related:




    Presentation of the project on the CNDP (French National Center of Pedagogical Documentation) website (March 2015)



    Dissemination towards teachers and headmasters from different secondary and highschools (March 2015)

    Last 25th of March, at Chartres, a presentation of the project took place during a forum "Having a look on numeric school" , discussing about how this project enphasis our ability to use webtools and how etwinning, twinspace impacted our work. Miss Desmoissons and 3 of her students (Léa, Lylou and Floriane) answered questions during this great afternoon!


    Dissemination about mobilities for parents (February 2015)



    Dissemination in Newspaper (December 2014)

    An article about our project has been published on the 18th of december 2014 in a regional Newspaper ( " L' écho républicain" ) and on its website (see bellow). A journalist came in our class and spent one hour interviewing students and teachers. Many questions about the project ( its genesis, purposes, activities..) and also about our feelings about it.




    Dissemination towards other students and parents, 15th of december 2014

    Prezi showed three times to various parents and students:


    Pinboards with information exposed in our meeting classroom:


    and Miss Desmoissons presented a prezi about the project to parents, pupils and colleagues (not all involved in the project):