C2. Short-term exchange group of pupils and M4. transnational meeting- Lucé, France February 2016


      Monday 1st February : Welcoming and cultural activities

    8:00 Headmistress and staff of the school welcomed all the participants, did group photo and a visit of the school.

    Then French students organized ice breaker activities (sports, tresor chaste.) so that students in “mixed teams” get to know each other faster.

    After lunch at school, teachers and students were taken to Chartres downtown for a guided tour and a photo contest (teams had to take pictures in front of famous Chartres’s monuments).

    16:00 going back to school

    16:40 end of the day


    Tuesday 2nd Februray : Cultural workshops and Coding

    8:30 departure for Chartres

    9:00 to 12:00: students and teachers attended to a lecture by a specialist of stain glasses at Chartres’s stain glass international center. They were told how stain glasses were made, their signification and how different colors are created through chemical reactions of different components. Then they created their own stain glass.



    After lunch at school, from 13:30 to 16:30:

    • workshop “coding teatime” organized by a French association (Beta machine) to show kids how to code with the use of a simple software “scratch” develop by the MIT. Students created their own video game. Students interviewed one of the engineer and completed a job card.


    13:30 to 16:40: coordinator meeting : final report and OER . Miss Takac explained to the other coordinators which documents were needed in order to fill the final report (contracts of the different teachers involved in the project, scan of the different certificate of attendance…). Coordinators also discuss about the schedule until next mobility : in March each team has to make students work on digital competences, French team chosen Scrumblr, Croatia Padlet…; solutions to pollutions has to be found and posted on twinspace.

    They agree on the Visio conference date (April 29th) and booked the twinspace live room (for 11:30 AM).


    16:40 end of the day


    Wednesday 3rd February: Robotics

    Students divided in groups participated to 3 workshops:

    • Workshop “Presenting my ebook”: in order to decide which software will be the more appropriate for the ebook project, each country presented an ebook. Spain presented mixbook, Croatia: … Poland: …, CR: … , France: Isuu. After presentation and vote, Mixbook has been chosen.

    • Workshop “create a Kizoa about Chartres tour”: teachers and students download pictures from Monday’s excursion and create a Kizoa (software discovered in Croatia).

           Workshop “Robotics contest”: organized by French pupils and their technical teacher, they thought their peers how programming the Lego EV3 to make it find its way out into a labyrinth using sound sensor. This workshop was a great success and wasn’t even long enough according to pupils themselves!


    Free afternoon for students: they all meet at Chartres ice-skating rink, free entrances offered by a local partner.


    13:30 to 16:00: coordinators meeting: OER and assessment

    13:30 to 16:00: Coordinators discuss about designing the OER, their last content and their translation. They also mention dissemination, assessment which needed to be done and when (students self-assessment forms , parents forms at the end of the project , local partners interviews). Miss Takac also underlined the dissemination point which needed to be updated for some team.

    13:30 to 16:00: other teachers , driven by Miss Mocan, worked on the web page and added pictures and presentations.

    16:00: end of the day


    Thursday 4th February: meeting a scientist and me being a scientist!


    • Morning: Workshop “Analyzing my results”: organized by the Croatian team, students presented a Prezi explaining the differences observed in all the measurements done in the different countries.


    • Workshop “assessments of activities”: about robotics activity , analyzing the results

    • Students and teachers Visited classes and discover French curricula

    • Afternoon: Lecture by Mr Jean-Pierre Lebreton a former scientist from ESA (European Space Agency) about his career, his job and more precisely about the sensor he created and added to the robot taken on Rosetta mission. Students interviewed Mr Lebreton and completed a job card.

    • Workshop “assessment of the week”: students and teachers were invited to assess the various activities of the week as well as the organization trough a google form questionnaire.


    • Workshop “Me a journalist”: students reported their impression of the week on our project diary on twinspace.


    evening: farewell party with guests (some officials, parents..)

    Friday 5th:

    Early in the morning, students and teachers left the school to go to Chambord’s castle one of the most famous “châteaux de la Loire”. Students were given a lecture about Renaissance and a guided tour.

    Around 3 PM, after returning to school, and last photo group, students were given europasses and certificate of participation to this week.


    *    *    *